3D Printing Can Transform Your Business

Today is Video-Friday 🙂 so I like to share another talk I watch about some future advances in 3D printing technologies. I’m sure you’ll be pretty impressed with this eye-opening video.

It’s about a clothing designer that is experimenting and using 3D printers to design and make their collection a reality without sending them to big textil factories.

Wouldn’t be interesting that you can design or buy a digital design of your favourite clothes and instead of go out and buy them, to download it to your 3D printer, may be you want to customize it to your taste, and go out with a unique piece of clothing.

Watch the video before reading my next comment because I don’t want to spoil it.

What I like to mention is how technology helps up to evolve our businesses and our sales to other level of thinking.

Digital music was before a physical product. You had to go out and buy physical music, now you download it.

Is it possible to do the same with clothes? Yes? No? Maybe, 3D printers will handle to print clothes in different kind of materials of fabrics, draw specific things on the clothes, even cut them to your size.

This a specific example and this make me wonder if 3D printing can transform your business if you sell physical things like glasses, cups, forks, chairs, decorations, shoes, toys, etc.

Can you think of a world where your customer can download your designs and have your product, without shipping costs or insurance expenses on logistics? wouldn’t it be great?

What can it do for your sales? your products or your company?

I really like this kind of videos or articles. People who are thinking outside the box and getting your thinking out of it at the same time.

“Fashion is a very physical thing,” Danit Peleg. “I wonder what our world will look like when our clothes will be digital.”

You know what? I’m starting to wonder what our world will look like when lots of thing around us will be digital.

Definitely, 3D Printing Can Transform Your Business, I’m convinced about it. What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

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