25 Money Saving Ideas

As we’ve been claiming, part of our mission is to help you increase your sales and boost your income. Part of that, it is knowing how to save some money also, because with the extra money you can increase your sales by investing it in education or by investing it in funds, bonds, marketing, etc., so you can boost your income and place some multiple sources of income.

We want to dedicate this post to give you 25 ideas on how to save some money so you can use it as we’ve been saying.

I’m with the idea that you should increase your means if you want to spend more… not to spend less, but, it’s important to know how much money you earn and how much you’re spending to see if you’re wasting it.

A budget is the best place to start. We will provide you with a template so you can know how much you should spend and we’re also giving you 25 ideas on where to save.


25 Money Saving Ideas 2A budget can help you take charge of your financial future, crush your outstanding debt, and become a more relaxed person. You may simply have to make more effective financial decisions.

There are many ways to establish a budget. You can find many models and we will provide you with some of them in future posts, but now, here you have just one idea:

In the simplest way, you can separate 10% to long-term savings plan, 10% to short-term savings plan (so you can spend on a specific small goal), 10% to help others, 10% for fun and entertainment and 50% to all other expenses.

PAY YOURSELF FIRST, so be sure to take the first 10% to you and your future.

It’s the simplest way to use your money.

Although I’m not Australian, I love one tool they have at Australian Securities & Investments Commission; you can visit them on their website Budget Planner. This is a really beautiful tool.

Another one you may like is at LearnVest.com, click here.

Or here, there’s a video you can use:

25 Money Saving Ideas

On a budget:

1. Make a budget.
2. Pay yourself first.
3. Assign a fixed amount for your variable expenses.
4. Save the extra money you earn by a commission, a sale, a prize, etc.
5. Plan ahead on important expenses (i.e. traveling).
6. Write a list before coming to the supermarket.
7. Buy bulk shopping.
8.When buying clothes, buy just what you need, not everything on sale.
9. See if your phone plan is the one for you.
10. Pay on time your debts.
11. Look for energy savings on bulbs, electrical artefacts, etc.
12. If you’re buying on credit, make the downpayment as big as you can.
13. When fixing your house, ask for various quotes or materials.
14. Don’t save on bathroom or kitchen, water leaks could be long-term expenses.

On your credit card:

25 Money Saving Ideas 315. If you’re renting a car, use the insurance your credit card offers.
16. Don’t forget to pay your credit card in full all the time.
17. Keep track of all your expenses.
18. After tracking your expenses, compare them to the ones on your credit card report.

On your mortgage:

19. If you can pay more than the actual payment every month, do it, even if it’s a dollar or ten.
20. Consider if you need to renegotiate your mortgage.
21. Consider taxes and rates.

With your kids:

22. Savings must be a familiar thing.
23. Save every penny you have.
24. Teach your children the relation work/payment.
25. Establish some personal and family goals.



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  1. This post really helped me to understand where I can find some money savings to improve my personal economy. I’m not probably try them all, but some of them can actually increase my income by savings. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hello Navarro, yes! I think these are good ideas, that’s why I shared them. But also, in this website you can find ways to make some extra money, especially with an online business. I’d like to recommend you to read my review of the best and #1 recommendation: How-to Affiliate Marketing. I’m pretty sure you will love it.

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