10 Motivational Quotes for Sales – 1

Today, I want you to have some quotes to supercharge your sales! hope you like them:

1. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. – Og Mandino

2. The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them. – Jill Konrath

3. Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. – Zig Ziglar

4. Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude. – Ralph Marston

5. Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favour. – Brian Tracy

6. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

7. A goal is a dream with a deadline. – Napolean Hill

8. You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise. – Patricia Fripp

9. Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. – Zig Ziglar

10. You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it. – Charles Robert Buxton

P.S.: you got an extra one with the featured image of this post 🙂

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